John Carmichael’s works: Others

This post covers other artworks John Carmichael have done through his lifetime between Scotland and Australia. He did quite a lot in his 54 years, including teaching, drawing, etching, engraving, printing, painting, and doing lithography.

From a notice printed in The Sydney Monitor and Sydney Gazette & New South Wales Advertiser, two of Sydney’s newspapers dated from October  to November 1828:

JOHN CARMICHAEL, Engraver, begs most respectfully to intimate to the Gentry and Inhabitants of Sydney at large, that he now resides at the house of Messrs Mc’Naughton and Rowell, apothecaries, No. 6, King Street; where he means to prosecute his profession, in all its various Branches.
J.C. returns his sincere and grateful thanks to those who have hitherto honoured him with their favours, and ventures to pledge himself, that none who think proper to employ him will ever have cause to repent their kindness and Patronage.
Orders executed with the utmost promptitude care and dipatch.
N.B. miniatures from two to give guineas; transparent window blinds, painted to order, landscapes copied and all kinds of fancy work done in the neatest manner.”

His first known artwork done in Australia was the watercolour portrait done with ink on card. John Carmichael have signed it as ‘drawn by John Carmichael, 19th December 1826, Sydney New South Wales’.

“King of black Native” (assumed to be the well known ‘Bungaree’):




The rest shown here are others I’ve found online:












That’s about it for John Carmichael’s works. I am sure there are so many more, but probably not easily found now as many would have disappeared over time. We are just fortunate that there are some left for us to recognise his contribution to Australia in the artwork, printing and engraving industries.


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